Administrative services for small and middle-sized companies

Ab Datic Oy has extensive knowledge and long-standing experience in this line of business.

As well as standard book-keeping, we offer various types of other service - invoicing, payroll, taxation, closing of the books, etc.

We are constantly developing our services to meet the needs of our customers. We offer, for instance, ASP administrative services with the most up-to-date programme solutions. In this way, we are ready to face and address current and future challenges.

To provide qualitative services and fulfil the customers needs, we depend on a fully operational network of expert knowledge in various fields of activity. This is our greatest strength.


New members of our team!
We welcome our new collegue!
Our office is closed during the period of 20.7.2020 through 26.7.2020 w30. We wish everyone a nice summer!
E-invoicing address
Our E-invoicing address is: 003702430231 Network operator: MAVENTA Mediates alternative: if your network operator is for example Itella, Basware etc the code is: 003721291126 if your network operator is a bank for example Nordea, Andelsbanken etc. the code is: DABAFIHH
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